March 11, 2019

Some of you asked me for spanking tips for a beginner. I am also often told my spanking is very pleasurable and to those curious to understand why, I have decided to share my tips, coming from 5/6 years of experience.

I brought together these tips that I hope will help and guide many successful and intimate moments of connection between subs and tops of all colors and flavors.

Glossary: bottom  is not just the body part; in BDSM, it means the person who is, in one given session/interaction, submitting to either sadomasochistic practices, or domination. The top is the person who is dominating the session. These two denominations do not involve more than...

January 18, 2017

 I've always been vocal about my journey as a London and Manchester dominatrix. My caning sessions and BDSM experiences are fertile ground for interesting thoughts, from exploration of my own sexual dominance, to the politics of BDSM.

If you follow My Twitter you know I am the Queen of succinct pervert thoughts and considerations on the nature of porn, femdom, sadomasochism, all the way to sex worker rights movement.  Now there's a place for a burgeoning collection of articles to be read in one place:


As ever, I am available to discuss and clarify the above and its ramifications. I intellectually investigate alternative sexuality and its implicatio...

October 15, 2016

Touring doesn't get better than this.

Spectacular beauty, UKAP Adult Performer of the Year and mainstream famous Ella Hughes and I will be taking appointments in London in November.

Every month I travel to Birmingham and London.

This coming month I shall spend a little more time on my trip due to the Night of the Cane which I will attend on the 6th of November.

Also, ... I shall be sessioning with the fabulous submissive Ella Hughes. For those who know the ins and outs of the adult business, she is a rising adult star and my real life submissive and protege. Delicious, beautiful and intelligent! A deadly redhead team ! :-)



We have al...

June 15, 2016

I write. A collection of my reflections is found here.

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