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"It's only my second time visiting a new professional disciplinarian and I suffer with's not the best choice of hobby for a nervous sub! "Keep breathing!" I tell myself as I make my way to the door... I arrive at the Eris Martinet's domestic premises and I'm met by an extremely beautiful and sophisticated lady.

She gives a warm welcome and leads me to her play space, which has a 1950s authentic domestic feel and has a light and artistic atmosphere. My eye catches the numerous implements laying around the play space. This lady has some serious kit and she sits opposite me on a couch. Whilst I feel immediately at ease in her company, she has a mischievous look on her face and I can tell that that ease won't last long! So we need a reason to spank...I offer a number of things I should be spanked for, but she rejects them...not naughty enough...I realize I am not getting away with this and her gaze is burning into me as I squirm to think of a suitable confession.

"Let's lose an item of clothing", she says walking towards me and I'm taken aback by the assertiveness of the command. "My shoes" I offer, scrambling to retain my control. I wanted to feel embarrassed, I'd challenged her and she knows she's landed a solid blow to my composure. She looks me in the eye and I struggle to maintain eye contact.

She invites me over her lap and I do as I'm told. I'd confessed in an earlier email that I was nervous about the pain and we start with a light hand spanking over my jeans. It's a nice warm up and we chat casually. It's a rather odd position to be discussing Jeremy Corbyn and Transylvania, but I appreciate the exchange!

She orders me to stand up, take my trousers down and get back across her knee. I pull my jeans to my knees and resume the position. Madam comments on how spankable my bottom is, which pleases me immensely! She rests to talk with her elbow on my back, which heightens the feeling of vulnerability. She rubs and caresses between slaps and really knows how to deliver a very enjoyable spanking. I notice every fiddle of my knickers and eventually she slowly lowers them. The disrobing associated with spanking is my biggest passion and this lady knows how to deliver it. Her verbal dialogue through out is great and I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience. We gradually move through a range of implements from slipperings, to different types of hairbrushing. "It's getting serious now..." She comments and I can feel it, by bottom's beginning to burn! She again asks me to stand up and pulls my underwear to my knees. She asks me if I feel vulnerable in that position and yes, I do! "Another item of clothing..." My top is moved and I'm standing, hands on head, in my bra with jeans and knickers at my knees. She's smiling, perhaps knowing that she's winning the humiliation battle... Next I am ordered over the couch and I am introduced to a 'Martinet', a French domestic item, which clearly influenced Madam's name. It hurts, but the rushes of endorphins are unbelievable...whack after whack I am trembling and entering sub space.

The rest is a bit of a blur. I am now naked and I can't meet Madam's gaze in the shame of my submission. I am sentenced to 3 types of cane. My bottom is hot and throbbing and I am wondering if my brain can take anymore adrenaline. I've never had such a thorough spanking in my life and the high will last for days. The punishment finally comes to an end and I can barely dress I am in such a blissed out state. It has genuinely been the most enjoyable spanking experience of my journey so far and I hope to see her again :)

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