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Hello, tweeps! Underlings..

I am currently under a palm tree sipping on green coffee and sampling watermelons.

I have been blessed with an exquisite year so far, in femdom.

I met a few of my most admired Female Dominants: Mistress Ezada, Mistress Luna, and right before I left the UK, my favorite caner Mistress Baton. One doesn't expect brief meetings to be so life changing, but in this case I can say they have been. It was confirmed once more that authentic characters make for fascinating personalities and the best people are those who are their authentic selves, who SET trends, NOT FOLLOW THEM.

Soon up is a video of the very fun and aloof caning sesh mistress Baton and I enjoyed together on the backside of one of my favorite subs, @slave_girl_lpx on Twitter. Watch out for this document of a smashing meeting.

bdsm femdom caning double domme mistress Baton

Although on an extended travels, I will be releasing clips from my collaborations. Some are already up in my favorite store:

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