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August 25, 2019


One face you frequently see in my clips is Lucy Lauren.


She debuted last year in the very popular and artistic series Anthea & Melissa.


Then we did Lucy vs The Isle of Man, a genuine Manx birch video where I didn't hold back AT ALL.


This video did pretty well also, showing that you guys (and gals) really enjoy watching Lucy suffer too!!


This girl is very popular at the minute, and one minute with her you'll see why!! She's a joy to spank, and why not, a joy even to hurt.


The way she squirms and protests is even more punishment inducing... You just want to put her in the wheelbarrow position and fondle/paddle to your heart's desire.


Well, there is a series of clips with this gorgeous girl incoming.

The Spanking world's IT girl of the moment filmed a bunch of HOT vids with me last month and I am slowly working my way through uploading them. No need to hide the joy on my face, you can see how much I am enjoying spanking her!!


Here's where you can watch the scrumptiousness, as I upload the clips one by one:


Then, I have even more surprises in store! It never ends, does it. Lucky you.





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