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Are you sufficiently mature to interact with material involving Female Domination?


UK disciplinarian & International FemDom Mistress

I am an utterly unique international Mistress.

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I am an accomplished elite disciplinarian, as well as independent video clip producer of high end erotica of a unique female gaze. My unique specialty which sets me apart from the rest of the kink world  is the therapy kink combined with mental domination, which has received rave reviews in the FemDom world.


I offer spanking and discipline with my cane, tawse, martinet, whips, paddles and many other traditional implements. I welcome boys and girls to my studio to be dealt strictly for their naughty behaviour and correct it in a traditional, stern manner. My spanking skills have earned me an international reputation.

Many boys have become men while spanked relentlessly over my knee with a very hard hand. My punishments often end with a caning, perhaps preceded by a leather implement thrashing.

But that is just one aspect of my practice. In fact I am one of the most trailblazing dommes in the conflation between femdom and psychological domination and therapy. My specific skill set has offered many submissive men of a certain profile a path to self-actualization, and dealing with demons typical of the submissive male. Not only do I offer a unique perspective on female domination and its most intellectual and psychological aspects, but I offer a dynamic space for the submissive man and slave to live their cathartic experience all while being deeply understood and assisted on their journey. For those submissive men who crave something more real and an experience of female dominance that is less based on the commercial repetition of the mainstream kink world, I provide a deeper and more unexpected genuine connection. I care for my subs, and I introduce them on a psychosexual journey they never thought possible. This unique niche in female domination is at the border of mental domination and genuine feminine punitive cruelty also sometimes expressed as financial domination. I indulge the most sophisticated layers of this fetish with exclusive and elite submissive men who worship me respectfully not just with their mind, but their wallet too. Wallet slaves and findom can seem bizarre to the inexperienced observer, but can make some of the most intricate and deep forms of genuine slavery to the Woman you worship.


I am a traveling mistress and an international domme visiting places in Europe like Paris, Malta, Bucharest, London, Milan, Prague, Zurich, and many more--perhaps your city? I meet my international fans to indulge in mutual unforgettable kink of all levels--from mild, for novices, to hard strict punishment until your cheeks are red and behaviour altered and composed. I enjoy intimate relaxed connections with my submissives whereby we get to know each other over fine dining and exquisite places--theater? Opera? I am fond of art and a connoisseur of all fine things. My company enlightens and enriches and my worshipers often tell me a day (or two, or three!) in my company is the highlight of their lives.

Since you are here, I presume you are not just a general sub male in search of a general Mistress. You probably seek the superior expertise and professionalism that comes from specializing in a few but fundamental kinks of your (and anyone's) BDSM life: the traditional English vice; the gateway kink--in all its forms; and mental domination of the highest order. You probably have enough experience to know that, despite the fact that hand spanking is simple, there is more skill to the act of punishment than meets the eye. A certain attitude, a psychological kink profile.. a domme with a mommy kink who sees you as a naughty boy, from whom you have no secrets. A disciplinarian with the stern look of a school headmistress but the sophisticated presence of an English rose.. who brings European worldliness and an extra level of authenticity to your favourite kinky pastime. Corporal punishment.

There is after all something regressive and healing about undergoing a fetish experience of submission at the hands of an elite UK dominatrix with the experience to use a wide array of implements: caning, paddling, strapping, tawse, whipping, flogger, shoe, slipper, ruler, hairbrush, bastinado.


Caning is one of my specialties and my caning clips frequently top the relevant femdom clip categories on clip sites, and consistently receive raving reviews. I have a passion for sadism and taking submissive men in my hands to punish and play with.

You don't have to be a submissive man to be dealt with by me. I also play with kinksters, spanking enthusiasts, and curious people from all walks of life who need a little spice in their erotic exploration. I love introducing novices to the universe of femdom and traditional discipline. Some submissive men or kinksters travel internationally to experience my spanking skills and psychological understanding of my play partners. Quite often men travel overseas to experience the unique refreshing femDom Queen that is Eris Martinet. I often extend my spanking practice into its logical conclusion, mommy kink or mommy domme.

There is something maternal about spanking a boy and I feel comfortable in being both your therapist/disciplinarian and mother figure. I don't think this is taboo, in fact I find it a warm and relaxing complement to the experience of spanking over the knee or caning. The caring yin to the pain yang. Catharsis and redemption. At the end of a sumptuous trip of the senses going through various stages of subspace, I will be there reaching my hand to bring you safe and sound to a better you.

Often times this rapport extends into a deeper connection with my subs, and the session time is frequently complemented by conversation over dinner or cocktails or champagne. Nothing complements subspace like my crystal (evil?) laugh as we pore through  recent memories over drinks. As a Manchester and London disciplinarian I always seek to create a bond with my sub males and this takes time to cultivate. I love exploring life with my submissives, and taking time to know what makes them tick, how they arrived at femdom and how our practice of together can help them grow.

As a UK traveling domme and disciplinarian, I aim for quality in my encounters above all; BDSM can be a recreational pastime or a life changing journey. I can assist you in all the stages, whether you like them light hearted and frivolous, or you're looking for something deeper and enlightening.

Of course, as a complicated woman, my BDSM and fetish interests don't start and end with corporal punishment and psychological domination. There are several things that complement it: foot fetish (the road to a Goddess' heart starts at her feet), humiliation, Goddess worship.

I fashion myself an old fashioned intangible Goddess. As a mistress, I place myself on an unreachable plane and like to find the submissive men and boys who cherish this type of D/s rapport.

The men who gravitate around me tend to be highly educated, intelligent, in search of the authentic, polite and courteous. Many travel from other countries to see me, or fly me to them for a weekend away--of the FemDom experience...

I like to create worlds. Worlds of refuge, dream and regression. A space with the aesthetic of your childhood or perhaps the golden age of spanking (the 1950s); where you can steal a gaze at the lady's fully fashioned stockings while she's not looking. Where you feel coddled and cared for; as long as you obey her rules and structures. She is sensual and elegant.. in her figure curving vintage dress and high heels clacking on the corridor.. but the rule of the house is still obedience and naughty boys get in trouble when they don't write their lines properly. 

When you are in my space, all your senses are spoiled, engulfed. BDSM is about using the visual rewards of your fetish to decorate the cold walls of your mistress' palace of discipline. Does it remind you of school times? It should. Life is a perpetual school. I like to remind you of that.


I dress like a very elegant but seductive classic professional woman. I provide corporal punishment, spanking, OTK, over the spanking bench, in a tied position, or over my lap. Impact play in all its forms, including ruler punishment and hand punishment; corner time, humiliation, knickers lowered down slowly, tickling, torture, judicial punishment or discipline with a long sensual warm up. Embarrassed boys frequently write lines or stand in the corner, hand on head.  School and office role plays, scenarios of all kinds or interview and interrogation for something real. confession, spanking therapy, spanking with a plan --to lose weight or stop drinking; caning as therapy. Behaviour correction. School Discipline and school madam. Scenarios we can try are boss, office play, auntie, mom, step mother, nanny, headmistress, teacher, executive mistress, blackmail fantasy.

I also indulge fetishes, like foot fetish, heel fetish, high heels, fully fashioned stockings, backseam, hold ups, FFS, pantyhose, nylons, fishnets, fetish heels, boots, kinky boots, BDSM, incest fantasy, taboo fantasy, humiliation, golden shower, chastity holding, key holding, enforced chastity, submissive husband, erotic humiliation, dominant wife, dominant secretary. Bare bottom spanking, or over the knickers, gym knickers, sub girl present, double domme, forced feminization, sissy, sissification, feminisation, crossdressing, sissy play, face fetish, arrogant woman, cruel mistress, executrix, financial domination, face slapping, suspenders, suspender belt, garter and suspender, corsets, fabric fetish (leather, silk, gloves), retro lingerie, pinup, leg worship, hand worship, dressed face sitting, caning, straping, scottish tawse, strap, belting, slipper, hair brush spanking, dominant aunt, etc. Slave and sub training, control, behaviour modification. I love to see couples, either F/F or M/F. I produce spanking porn and corporal punishment clips. My high end erotica is admired around the world for its high production values and glamorous look.

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