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I take appointments for CORPORAL PUNISHMENT and foot worship & humiliation sessions in a domestic setting in central Manchester with 24-hr+ notice and a deposit payment. 
I travel frequently! Check my dates on Twitter.
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Central Manchester 200 per hour. London & elsewhere, 300 / 90 minutes minimum. I believe in forming a deeper, special bond with my worshipers, which is a question of time. That's why I offer tiered options to develop the D/s bond. The more time you invest in us, the more you'll take out of it. The more spectacularly life changing our D/s rapport.


  • Starter Menu  200 hourly


A session for the submissive on the go

  • A Proper Introduction   370 - 2 hrs

                                                                       Let's meet each other


  • An Introduction  300


Outcall minimum 90 min + travel costs

  • The Femdom Experience  1,000

Spend a day with Me (5 hrs play + dinner)

  • Fly Me to you



International Domme of Mystery.. just for you.

  • If you can't meet me in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Paris, Malta  or any of the other places I travel to, ...peruse the form box to suggest an alternative: travel can be arranged, provided all costs are covered.

  • Fly me to you - only inquire about this luxury experience if you're prepared to cover ALL My costs and an overnight fee +.

  • If you are seeing me for the first time, a deposit of 100 is required. There are several methods available. This is deductible from the final session fee.

  • Preferred method is bank deposit. Email me for the details. Alternatively,

Email: offers secure encryption. But our correspondence is not encrypted unless we’re both emailing from an encrypted inbox. For better security swap over to  to communicate on all things BDSM.


Contact form/email  without the relevant information demanded is considered an exercise in fantasy and not answered to.

If your email contains the following: confessions, seeking advice, flirting, fantasy etc., you shall be directed to a pay link or my phone lines.

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