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My New Romantic FemDom Novel out now!

A story of romance where She is in on top:

OWK Elite Domme Domestic Goddess into Spanking and Caning

"...Definite Mistress of
                        recreational scolding"

Hello. I am Eris Martinet. You may call me Madam.


 I am an international Domme of utterly unique prestige.

A disciplinarian with the stern look of a school headmistress but the sophisticated presence of an English rose.. who brings European worldliness and extra authenticity to your favourite kinky pastime. 

I specialize in making you feel put in your place. Be it through my gleaming but cutting wit; or the tip of my cane. If you've earned it, I'll make you feel cherished and welcome you into my female supremacy dominion.


I reside in the UK and travel nationally and internationally to meet my global acolytes. I am in favor of sumptuous feasts of domination and companionship. I enjoy being courted by docile gentlemen with an understanding of classical Female Dominance.

For a select few, I am the single most transformative influence of their lives.

I have a strong interest in exquisite psychological domination (including financial domination); adoration of my Goddess form; impact play (visceral impulsive acts, as well as ritual punishments); hypnotic eye contact until the sub's brain rendered pudding; selfless acts of submission and service from perfect manservants with a soul for pleasing Women. If you share these philias, or you're just inexplicably drawn to me for any reason, write me, and begin your journey to self actualization.

mistress femdom uk disciplinarian caning
"What Eris did
to me tonight

has changed
my life forever"


At the end of a sumptuous trip of the senses going through various stages of subspace, I will be there reaching my hand to bring you safe and sound to a better you.


When you are in my space, all your senses are spoiled, engulfed. BDSM is about using the visual rewards of your fetish to decorate the cold walls of your mistress' palace of discipline. Does it remind you of school times? It should. Life is a perpetual school. I like to remind you of that.

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