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"...The things you convey in your writing... the way you combine history, biology, psychology, political and economic theory and the arts to develop an all-encompassing theory of the power dynamic that underpins human sexual relations."

"Dear Eris
Thank you very much for a very satisfying session today.
It can be a bit daunting seeing a Mistress for the first time, especially a quality one such as yourself, but it surpassed my expectations..
My bottom is rather sore but I feel I have been given a proper punishment.
Though the last few cane strokes were not easy to take, I appreciate you not letting me off lightly.
It was a privilege to be in the presence of such beauty and expertise.
I am not exaggerating by saying that you are the most attractive (& perceptive) woman that I have had the pleasure (if that is right word...) to be disciplined by.
I hope to be able to see you again sometime when you are in London again.
I see it is your birthday tomorrow. If that is so I hope you have a good (working!) day. Sun in Aries️ suits you well :-)
Thank you once again. Take care.


"I have visited Miss Eris on a number of occasions and can safely say that they were the best experiences I've had as a submissive, since taking my first tentative steps into the world of kink around 5 years ago. She is truly a superb dominant. Her sadistic presence can only be appreciated in the flesh and by that, I mean feared! Miss Eris gets inside your mind, toys with you and spits you out as She sees fit. A trip into Her domain is a voyage of self discovery, filled with trepidation and pure ecstasy. You will find yourself pushed to the limits and possibly further than you previously imagined. I always feel secure, Her abilities to read and understand scenes can definitely be trusted. Miss Eris is the personification of a drug, so be prepared for the cravings as they will return in unrelenting waves. Are you brave enough feel Her Power?"

"Dear miss Eris
I'm well arrived in France, flight quite difficult with my sore bottom which still hurt after the caning of yesterday ;) !
Once again I want to thank you for this amazing session. Like each time I meet a new spanker, I was quite nervous. This time my nervousness was greater than usual because we agreed for a severe caning and you immediately put me at ease at the beginning, You're a very nice woman.
But once the punishment began, you were not gentle at all, as that's exactly what I expected ! I tried to resist but you made me understand who was in charge.
Those first strokes with the wooden brush just hurt me like hell. To be honest after the very first one, I wanted the punishment to stop but of course that's was just the beginning. And when you said that you decided to double the number of brush strokes I thought "OMG what have I done to be insolent with her ?". I hoped you change your mind about those extra strokes but that was not the case...
And then the caning... Before the very first stroke of the cane I was very nervous considering the brushing I just received, nervousness increased because of this list of misdeeds... And indeed, this caning was very severe and not gentle. I'm impressed with your acuracy.
Once again, I hoped you change your mind for the 21 extra strokes but of course you don't !! You really gave me a real painful and unpleasant punishment.
Maybe the only regret I can have is to not have been fully restrained on a bench for the caning, but that was difficult considering the furnitures of the venue.
I absolutely don't regret to contact you 3 weeks ago : it was delightful and very exciting to be caned so harshly by such a beautiful woman like you !
I really look forward to meet you again for a harder punishment !
Hope you will enjoy the night of the cane today.
Best regards


"Beautiful session. Thank you:  you are a talented lady! Intelligent, genuine, strong, have a ruthless edge. You're good looking, dress well, and you are dominant end of. Your beating is hard but delivered from a beautiful lady who is strong, genuinely dominant and interested--you're very good."

"Arriving for my session, I was of course apprehensive, as I am when ever I meet a new dominant. I suspect it has been said before, but Miss Eris Martinet is even more beautiful in person than her photographs suggest. My first impression was, "what have a let myself in for here".  This feeling was fuelled by her sheer presence, she was welcoming and put me at ease but there was fire in her eyes! Her gaze cuts right through you, or at least that's how I felt. We had a brief chat and discussed limits, before she promptly began the session. At that point I felt her move up a gear as she moved into her role.  Without going into specifics of the session, it was a straight punishment session without role play. Miss Eris Maritnet was extremely comfortable in this style of session and if anything it felt more like a role play than others I've experienced which were clearly defined. I felt like I was there to be punished and She wasn't going to let me leave until She was entirely satisfied. 


Miss Eris Martinet has a unique style, She is eloquent, graceful, strong and beautiful. She also has a great sense of humour and this comes through subtly during a session. I relished every moment of being under Her control and if permitted will return to See her as soon as possible. If spanking, corporal punishment and discipline are high in your list of kinks I cannot recommend Her highly enough. Wow, just wow :)"

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