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A Guiding Light

"I initially approached Madam Eris out of a sense of deep intrigue and curiosity.  Years of conventional therapy had proved inadequate for my needs and had left me no nearer resolving the conflict, anxiety and guilt that I had experienced in my sexual relationships throughout my life.  Could this learned and erudite Woman, with abundant first-hand experience as a Pro Domme, succeed where more conventional therapists had failed in bringing order to the chaos of my psychosexual experience?  


As a professional psychological therapist myself, I have valuable insights into the practice of therapy and what qualities a skilled therapist should possess:  openness, empathy, compassion, trustworthiness, a respect for boundaries and an incisive, uncompromising honesty.  Madam Eris possesses all of these, as well as a searing intelligence founded on Her broad intellectual and cultural interests.  She made me feel instantly at ease, allowing me to talk freely about things I had genuinely thought I would never be able to share with another person without feeling intense shame and guilt.  Her questioning is probing and discerning and her responses invariably insightful and challenging. 




I learned more about my psychosexual self in a few online sessions with Madam Eris than in all those years spent in self-agonizing fear and isolation, too afraid to talk honestly about my kink.  


Conventional therapy had left me with a better understanding of my core needs: something was missing from my life that I needed in order to achieve true self-understanding and self-actualisation. 


Madam Eris was the first actually to put a name to that something.  Years of childhood trauma had left me fearful of real psychological, emotional and sexual connection.  My kink, although I struggled to understand this for

years, was my attempt at re-establishing this vital connection. 

Madam Eris helped me not just to learn the source of my fear but the means by which it could be resolved: a new relationship with my kink based on true acceptance of it.  What makes Her unique among therapists for people with kinks is that the support she offers is both intellectual and experiential. 

Her specialism of psychological domination, at which she is truly expert, offers the perfect vehicle for the emotional catharsis that is the ultimate goal of psychotherapy. 


While it is not essential to visit Madam Eris in person to reap the benefits of Her therapy - her emails and calls alone can be more effective than many conventional face-to-face treatments, I would most certainly recommend doing so.  She has given me through her face-to-face sessions a vital opportunity to connect with strong and repressed emotions that had lain hidden for decades and to express them in a safe and containing environment, without fear of judgement.  Madam Eris has given me a sense of calm and contentment and acceptance of my true self that I simply would never have thought really possible and on which I had almost given up. 


She has saved me, for which I offer my profoundest gratitude."



One day L found my blog and approached me for help with his situation. He had been using BDSM to avoid living a happy fulfilled life. He sounded sincere and convinced I had the insight to push him in the right direction. Traditional therapists, many of them, had indifferently dismissed his need to talk about the suppressed kinks and associations which make a "respectable" person feel uncomfortable. Many in the mental health field still view kink as some dirty perversion. It's what he needed to discuss the most.

My understanding and practice of BDSM and particularly, femdom, goes way beyond just dressing up in kinky clothes and having my feet worshiped.  I have embraced femdom as a psychological project, where traditional therapy fails to keep up with the times. Moreover, our times are getting even more judgmental of the kink community, where other minorities have made progress, ours is still in danger of seeing people's lives ruined over a few kinky pics.

On Twitter, men approach me every day for advice on their mixed feelings. I am now happy to provide a space for them to discuss it with me.


L is now seeing progress, and we're good friends. His life was launched into the stratosphere of his personal potential. The power of gentle nudging and analytical feedback :).