• Miss Martinet


"I'm on my knees on the carpet. My white underwear are (sic!) pulled down beneath my buttocks. I'm silenced, my face reddened, half in exhaustion, and half in sheer embarrassment. I look up from the carpet at Eris who's smiling, sitting on a dining chair facing directly at me, with her martinet in her hand.

My name's Jerome, I'm 31, and what Eris did to me tonight has changed my life forever. Please let me explain.

This was the second time I'd seen her. I'm very new to the London spanking scene, so our first session was always going to be explorative, in terms of role play, style and implements. I'd gotten a light(ish) taste of everything during this first time, along with a little roleplay (bad boyfriend, slacking at work). It was great, given my lack of experience.

This second time, however, I was a lot clearer about what I wanted to explore with Eris. We did away with role play, and kept it fairly real. I told her that I wanted to test her authority, that I was interested in a more domestic implements. As she will profess, I have a naturally cheeky demeanour, and she said I talk too much. We wondered if a good hard spanking would quieten me down.

The session was broken up into 3 core parts, defined predominantly by position.

First, she had me across her knee on the couch as we warmed up with her hand, some leg locking, paddling and hairbrushing. True to my word, I thought I'd test her a little, by scurrying off her lap and hiding behind the sofa, but she soon found me and held me there as she spanked me harder with an implement - I'm not sure which, but it hurt, for sure.

We took a break and I told her of my need to relinquish control and test her authority some more. I really wanted to see what she had in there.

The second part involved Eris sitting on a chair with me over her knee. She used her martinet and the hairbrush. This spanking was quite severe, and I tried to protect my bottom with my hand, but was secretly wanting her to pull it out of the way. I wanted her to assert her authority and she did so. She must have held it there for about 5 minutes, spanking me so hard throughout. My cheekiness significantly diminished and I fell deeply into subspace, lovingly grasping the hand that grasped mine. It was incredible. I was giving myself over to her. I wanted it to go on forever.

She eventually let go, so I thought I'd test her patience again by escaping and crawling behind her chair, but again she pinned me down, bent over on the floor and whipped me hard with the martinet as I held on to her calf.

We took another break for some water, and discussed the scene so far, what we'd liked, and what we ought to do next.

The third part initially involved more time across her knee with the hairbrush - and she was spanking me faster and harder now. I crawled off again and she spanked me very hard with the hairbrush, and I could barely take any more. I couldn't even bring myself to hold on to her. My cheekiness had now all but gone. I was gasping and squirming, and my bottom had become deep reddish-purple.

But Eris had other ideas. She told me to lie on the floor in front of her, bottom facing the ceiling. She had me crawl towards and under her chair so she could whip me whilst sitting above me. She held me in place with her leggy stiletto'd grasp aside of my chest, and asked me to look at her in the large mirrored wall with each strike of her martinet. She looked at me, then looked at my rear, and struck, looking at me each time. The eye contact was powerful and incredibly exciting. She pulled up my top and whipped my lower back too, which I didn't expect, though it felt curiously great (and though it was respite for my bottom, it hurt a lot more). Eris dreamt up this position on the spot and I'd not seen any example of it anywhere else, which was great. She seemed pretty pleased with herself.

We must've been playing for 1.5 hours, including breaks. Eris definitely pushed me hard, and I spent most of the session deep in subspace.

When she finally let me go, I could barely talk. The giggly, ultra-talkative, nervous Jerome that had walked in 2 hours prior was almost entirely gone. I felt changed. I felt like a better person. I felt calm, incredibly relaxed and experienced a deep kind of contentedness. I was just shaking my head, smiling, looking up at her. "How can a person make you feel like this?", I thought.

I definitely think I'm slowly finding out what I like, and I'm lucky to have found Eris, because she's keen to explore and try different things out too. It feels like a perfect match for me.

I can honestly say that this was a quite incredible evening. The connection I'm beginning to feel with Eris is powerful, as we grow to understand each other and become more comfortable. Though I'm certain there are times that she's thinking "what is he doing?" - and I honestly don't know myself - what I do know is that I'm having a lot of fun.

So if you're keen to explore spanking and domestic discipline, are inquisitive and are willing to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery, this is one lady with whom you'll truly feel at home.

J x"

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